Jane Beale to leave Ian?

Jane Beale may leave husband Ian for Masood Ahmed.

'EastEnders' actress Laurie Brett said Jane who lost her womb after a shooting turns to married Masood after Ian tells her to find another man if she wants to adopt a baby.

Laurie said: "Masood comes round to the house and finds the adoption papers and Jane ends up telling him all about it. Jane's in a real tizz. She kisses him for loads of different reasons. Put it this way - he doesn't not respond!"

While 38-year-old Jane has been a loving stepmum to Ian's son Bobby, she is desperate to have a child of her own but Ian, now 40, wants to enjoy his freedom.

Jane falls into the arms of Masood played by Nitin Ganatra after a fight that leaves her feeling she may miss out on raising a baby altogether.

Laurie said: "Jane can see in Ian's eyes that he's only doing it for her and she doesn't want that because she knows he'll always be looking at that child and thinking about what he's missing out on."

"She's been putting everybody else first and now, at the age of 38, she realises she has to put herself first.

"She knows the older she gets the harder it will be to adopt

Source - Virgin Media


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