Janine shocked by Archie's love

Janine Butcher is taken aback by Archie Mitchell's declaration of his love for her in 'EastEnders'.

The former prostitute who has been scheming with the Albert Square villain for months in a bid to get their hands on the Queen Vic pub is left stunned when Archie proposes as she isn't really sure if she can trust the charming manipulator.

A source said: "Archie tells Janine he has been obsessed with her ever since they met. He admits he can't stop thinking about her and if she was to marry him then she'd make an old man very happy. Janine is completely taken aback by his declaration of love.

"All she wants is to get back in the Queen Vic and doesn't know whether or not to believe his words. When he leaves she sits down and stares at the diamond ring which is still in its box. She's not sure whether to trust him and has to decide whether she wants to be his wife."

However, Janine knows she needs to go along with Archie's plan if she wants the pub back.

The proposal can be seen next week.

Source - Virgin Media


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