Kara: Dawn annoyed me!

Dawn Swann's a pretty lucky girl.

She was eventually forgiven by nice-but-dim Garry Hobbs for her sordid affair with Phil Mitchell, but there aren't many blokes who'd take her back.

Now even actress Kara Tointon has admitted she found her character annoying - as she just refused to learn from where she went wrong.

Kara, who left the soap this year, said in an interview: "Things happen to people and you do learn from mistakes. I got angry that she kept making the same mistakes. Last year her fiance died and why would you ruin your life again? I guess she annoyed me a bit."

Dawn's fiance Jase Dyer was killed by a gang of thugs after Jase got involved in criminal activity to satisfy Dawn's materialistic needs.

And after finding a decent man in Garry, Dawn went and risked it all by succumbing to the, erm, charms of Phil.

Although Kara said she'd love to return to EastEnders one day, she admitted it was the right time to leave when she did.

"There was nothing left for my character. I wasn't really doing anything. You can only stand and order a sandwich so many times in the caff."

Source - Holy Soap


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