Kara hopes for 'new Dawn'

Ask a former soap star about the possibility of returning to the show, and the response is usually a coy "never say never."

But ask Kara Tointon, and the answer is a resounding "absolutely!"

The actress, whose alter ego Dawn Swann was last seen on screen in August, called her stint in the soap

"the best four years of my life."

Questioned as to whether she'd ever reprise her role, she said: "Absolutely! I would sign on the dotted line now! Well, I wouldn't go back now because I've only just left but one day I'd love to go back - even if it was just for one episode or something. In years to come I'd love to."

Kara's unusual soap exit saw her sailing off into the sunset with fiance Garry Hobbs, after he forgave her for her fling with Phil Mitchell.

Even though Dawn wasn't the most selfless girl in the world, Kara thinks the unlikely couple are enjoying a happy ever after somewhere in Soapland.

"I think they'll have nice life together. You never know, maybe they'll come back one day," she teased.

Source - Holy Soap


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