Max's deceit

EastEnders Phil Mitchell turns to Max Branning in a fortnight's time in the hope that he'll help raise the funds to save the Mitchells from financial ruin.

Max, however, is bogged down with money troubles of his own - hence the reason why he conned the Mitchells in the first place! Lauren and Abi hand over their Christmas lists and insist on having a real tree this year, as opposed to their usual artificial one. With Phil in one ear and his family in another, Max resorts to selling his watch online in a bid to raise some spare cash.

Later, Phil suggests to Max that they scam Phil out of a shedload of cash and solve both their money woes in one fell swoop. Max insists that he's no crook, but Phil tries to remind him otherwise as he mentions the endless fraudulent insurance scams he's been involved in recently.

While Max goes to buy a Christmas tree, he spots Ian and has some compassion for him when he asks if Tanya's heard from Jane. His thoughts about scamming Ian, however, change when the chippy owner starts flashing his cash at the tree stall in the market. Ian's later surprised when Max turns up with his towel and trunks for a session in the hot tub.

With that, Max tells Ian about a fictional property deal that would result in a hefty payout. Flattered by Ian's praise for his business acumen, Ian agrees. He's a little taken aback, though, when Max reveals that he'll need to invest £150,000...

These scenes air on Monday 30 November on BBC One

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


Anonymous said…
Does anyone know the name of the actor that played the stallholder selling christmas trees, the one in the leather jacket?

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