Ronnie returns with a secret

Ronnie returns and tells Roxy that she has a secret to share ­she's pregnant!

Even the news that Sam has done a runner after an affair with Jack doesn't spoil Ronnie's good mood.

"Ronnie reacts to the revelation about Sam surprisingly calmly," says Samantha Womack, who plays the mum-to-be.

"She's more interested in her own news."

First, Roxy hears that Ronnie is back and is eager to tell her about Sam's disappearing act.

Soon, she is giving Ronnie the lowdown on how Sam was cheating on Ricky and is now a fugitive.

"Ronnie isn't that shocked about Jack and Sam," adds Samantha.

"She will always love Jack, but she knows what he's like."

Roxy is puzzled when Ronnie quickly shrugs off her hot gossip and declares she has her own big news.

As her sister proudly reveals that she's expecting, Roxy's jaw hits the floor!

She presses Ronnie to tell her who the father is, as he might be her future brother-in-law.

But when Ronnie replies that she doubts it as the fella has scarpered, the penny drops ­ Roxy is horrified that Ronnie is having Owen's child.

Ronnie claims Owen knows she's pregnant and has legged it, but that it¹s not important because this isn't about him.

Little do the sisters realise that Owen is much closer than they think ­ buried under Trina's tree in the Square!

"Ronnie did feel a connection with Owen ­ she's a lost soul and so was he," admits Samantha.

"But this was always about her having a baby."

Source - The Sun


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