Sam flees Albert Square

EastEnders Sam Mitchell flees Albert Square after a fight with Bianca.

Scheming Archie Mitchell persuades Sam to jump bail and leave Walford after a cat fight with Bianca Jackson when it's revealed Sam cheated on Ricky Butcher with Jack Branning.

Danniella said: "Sam thinks Archie genuinely wants to help her. She believes he can make everything ok.

"Archie tells her that he'll look after her mother if she goes, and she really thinks he will."

However, Sam doesn't know that Archie who is plotting to bankrupt the Mitchells by getting his niece to run away and forfeit the money they posted on her bail - was the one who told Bianca about her affair, and despite Ricky' forgiveness feels she has to leave.

Danniella reveals: "Ricky takes her back and Sam thinks, 'Bless him, he must really love me.'

She's so torn.

"She wants to stay with Ricky, and she really missed her family while she was in Brazil.

She can't face losing them again, but doesn't want to go to prison, either - the thought terrifies her. So she takes the money and does a runner, to Archie's delight."

Despite leaving Ricky behind, Danniella is convinced the couple would have split up eventually.

She said: "There are the kids and Bianca to think about, and to be honest, she's with Ricky partly to spite Bianca! She did want to marry him - but I don't think he's enough for her."

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Anonymous said…
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