Samantha Womack's Ronnie worry

Samantha Womack is worried her EastEnders alter-ego will suffer a breakdown if she loses her baby.

The 36-year-old actress who plays the feisty Ronnie Mitchell in the BBC soap finds out she's pregnant with Owen Turner's baby and despite his subsequent disappearing act, Ronnie will do anything not to lose this child.

She told Soaplife magazine: "It's very early as she only slept with Owen three weeks ago, but she's obviously missed her period and done a test as soon as she could. I imagine she has a bulk load of pregnancy tests stashed somewhere!

"You never know with 'EastEnders' do you? If something does go wrong it would probably push her over the edge and she might be a bit unpredictable."

The actress said all that matters to Ronnie is that her baby lives, she doesn't care who the father is or whether he's going to stick around, following the death of her long-lost daughter Danielle earlier this year

She said: "It has been since Danielle died. She thinks a baby is the only thing that will mend her broken heart. "

Unbeknown to Ronnie, the father, Owen played by Lee Ross has actually been killed and buried under a tree in Albert Square.

Source - Virgin Media


Anonymous said…
Will ronnie Mitchell return to eastenders?

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