Star 'hadn't heard of bipolar'

If EastEnders bosses wanted to raise awareness with its recent bipolar disorder storyline, they certainly succeeded with Lacey Turner.

The actress has admitted she hadn't heard of the condition, which is sometimes known as manic depression, when she was told Stacey would develop it.

She said it was a "real shock" to learn the struggle that was ahead for Stacey, adding: "I went to a storyline meeting and Diederick (Santer - the executive producer) said 'how do you feel about bipolar?' And I said 'what's bipolar?' - I had no idea. And I said 'let's go for it' and we took it from there."

The 21-year-old has since been acclaimed for her handling of the story, and last week picked up the Ultimate TV Actress gong at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year awards.

She said she "loved every minute" of the plotline, but admitted it could be draining.

"It was mentally and physically exhausting at times. You are up and down, up and down, and because the schedule's so quick you don't really get time to turn it around and remember that you are Lacey and you are going home to have dinner with rest of your family. I think it was harder for them than it was for me."

Thankfully, Lacey said her character, who was sectioned recently, will return to Albert Square "a lot happier."

Source - Holy Soap


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