Archie takes control

Archie finally hits the Mitchells where it hurts when he takes control of their beloved Queen Vic!

He gets his way when he and partner-in-crime Janine blackmail Ian.

They order him to transfer Phil's debt to them or they will expose his recent romp with Janine to Jane!

"Archie is a snake in the grass," says Larry Lamb, who plays him.

"He always manages to turn a situation round and get the upper hand."

The drama unfolds after a panicking Peggy warns Phil that they are running out of time to raise the money Ian loaned him to pay off his debt to a loan shark.

If they don't cough up, Ian gets the pub.

Meanwhile, Ian is over the moon because Jane has come home again and is willing to give their marriage another shot.

However, Ian's joy soon turns to fear when Janine plays him a recording of their drunken night of passion and threatens to let Jane hear it unless Ian hands over the Mitchells' debt to her.

Terrified Ian tries to bribe Janine with cash, but when Archie suddenly appears, he realises the devious duo have been working together and he has no choice.

Archie is smug as Ian signs over the debt and with it, The Vic!

But will Peggy and the Mitchells give up their precious pub without a fight?

"Archie will go to any lengths to get what he wants," teases Larry.

"Expect a whole lot more drama leading up to Christmas..."

Source - The Sun


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