EastEnders Lamb missed his screen demise

EastEnders actor Larry Lamb reportedly missed his onscreen murder in the soap on Christmas Day - after his TV broke down at a crucial moment.

According to the Mirror, the 67-year-old was watching with his family while on holiday in France when the set stopped working, just seconds before his character Archie Mitchell was bludgeoned to death by a mystery assailant.

"It was a nightmare. He had been so excited as it was one of the highlights of his career," a source told the paper.

However Lamb was said to be "delighted" that the show helped the BBC trounce ITV in the Christmas ratings war once again.

Nine of the top ten most watched shows on Christmas Day were BBC programmes, with Coronation Street the only ITV show to make the list.

Another one of Lamb's shows, the comedy Gavin and Stacey, was the fourth-most watched show on the day.

Source - Whats on tv


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