Lacey Turner loves Christmas soap

Lacey Turner always watches 'EastEnders' on Christmas Day.

The actress who plays troubled Stacey Slater in the BBC soap admits she usually finds it hard to see herself on TV but said her family are such huge fans of her programme, she joins in with their festive watching.

She said: "I love Christmas because I get to be with my family and eat lots of food. They're all massive 'EastEnders' fans. I can't usually bear to watch myself, but you don't miss the show on Christmas Day, do you?"

Two Christmases ago, Lacey's character, Stacey, was involved in the main plot after it was revealed she had been cheating on husband Bradley Branning with his father Max.

In this year's Christmas episode of 'EastEnders' Archie Mitchell gets killed, but viewers are left unaware as to who is responsible for his death, although among the main suspects are his estranged wife Peggy Mitchell and her son Phil Mitchell.

Source - Virgin Media


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