A Lytton more drama, please!

When Ruby Allen left EastEnders in 2006 it was a quiet affair.

Now, reflecting on her time in Albert Square, Louisa Lytton has said it might have been nice to have had a "massive and dramatic" exit from the show.

But the actress, who has since gone on to star in an American Pie spin-off film, said it would have been too "heavy" if she had been killed off, as the character's dad Johnny had just died.

Louisa told FHM: "I left EastEnders in the back of a taxi with my dad's ashes on my lap, but something massive and dramatic would have been pretty cool.

"But my telly dad had just died, so I couldn't go with him, unless I died at the same time, which would have been a bit heavy, even for EastEnders."

Louisa has previously confirmed it was not her decision to leave.

She told the magazine: "To be honest, it's easier to be written out than to make the decision to go. It's not your decision, so if you don't work for six months, it's not your fault."

Source - Holy Soap


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