Marc Elliott plans festive TV

'EastEnders' star Marc Elliott will watch the soap on Christmas Day (25.12.09).

The handsome actor who plays Syed Masood in the series will sit with his family and watch the festive special of the show after a relaxing day.

He said: "My twin sister, Sophie, is a massive fan, so we always have it on at our mum's house, which is where we spend Christmas.

"But it's New Year's Day (31.12.09) that'll be big for the Masood family, because it's Syed and Amira's wedding then."

Marc's co-star John Partridge who plays Syed's on screen lover Christian Clarke in the soap is looking forward to a peaceful Christmas.

He said: "I really like spending time with my family. We all lead such busy lives.

"At Christmas, we get the chance to be together and remind each other that we all love each other."

John has had a busy time in the soap recently and his gay affair with Muslim Syed is about to explode on New Year's Day, with Syed's mother Zainab finding out about their relationship.

Source - Virgin Media


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