Michelle: I'll always be Zoe

When Zoe Slater yelled "You ain't my mother" at Kat in Albert Square, it had office workers everywhere nattering around the water cooler.

And whatever else she does in her career, Michelle Ryan has resigned herself to the fact she'll always be known for her Walford role, despite parts in shows such as Bionic Woman.

"I think I've learned to accept it all," Michelle said.

"Bionic Woman was a huge show, but people are still going to know me for being Zoe Slater. But people liked her so much."

She said recognition for her Albert Square days even reached the States.

"I was in LA and I was signing some autographs and I could hear someone shouting 'Zoe, Zoe'. I didn't think it could be for me, so I turned around and it was."

She doesn't mind the tag, however, and credits EastEnders for providing "invaluable" training.

"I think EastEnders is an apprenticeship, and you just have to do the work. There's no time to get above yourself there, the work needs doing. It's such a great grounding."

Michelle is now starring with fellow ex-Walford star Sean Maguire in Mister Eleven, an ITV1 two-part comedy drama, also starring Adam Garcia.

Source - Holy Soap


Anonymous said…
I'd recognize her as Zoe, and I live here in the stats, where Eastenders in on PBS every Saturday night from 11pm-12am. The episodes we get are six years old, so right now, Dennis has just come into Sharon's life. Kat and Alfie are just getting started. A month ago, I saw the absolutely brilliant episode between Phil and Lisa in Portugal. By far, one of Eastenders finest moments and one which doesn't seem to be on YouTube or any other video website, where it's grandeur can be seen again and again. Lucy Benjamin...wow, what an actress!

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