Michelle Ryan: 'I fancied fellow EastEnder Sean!'

Michelle Ryan has admitted having a crush on fellow ex-EastEnder Sean Maguire.

Michelle, who shot to fame as Walford's Zoe Slater, said she carried a torch for Maguire, who was Aidan Brosnan in the BBC soap.

The pair did not appear together in Albert Square but now co-star in ITV1's Mr Eleven.

Asked if she ever fancied Sean or Adam Garcia, another Mr Eleven co-star, Michelle, 25, said: "I did! It was weird working with them both.

"It was definitely a teen thing because when I met them I thought, 'Oh I used to like them but now there's nothing.'

"Obviously it was great to work with them but if I'd have fancied them in real life I would have been in trouble and very distracted. I had so much fun with them.

"I was telling my friend I had love scenes with them and they were quite jealous."

Michelle appeared in EastEnders from 2000 to 2005, while Sean was in the soap in 1993.

While filming Mr Eleven, the pair did not compare notes about their time in Walford. "It was a great starting block, but we're lucky that we made the leap I think. He did say I've always got somewhere to stay when I go out to LA, so that's nice."

Mr Eleven, which is based on theory that the average woman will marry her 11th sexual partner, is a two-part comedy drama starting on ITV1 at 9pm on Friday December 11.

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