Natalie Cassidy excited about return

Natalie Cassidy said she is proud of her role as Sonia Jackson in 'EastEnders'.

However the actress, who is soon to briefly return to Albert Square, admitted that has not always been the case.

She said: "I spent years fighting the fact that everyone saw me as Sonia, and I've now realised it's something incredible to be proud of.

"I love Sonia. I've loved going back to the Square. I feel like I'm really lucky to have been able to go back."

Discussing her controversial fitness DVD in which she promoted a routine which helped her lose lots of weight, only for her to put it all back on in a couple of months, 26-year-old Natalie said: "I wish I'd never done it. The whole thing was a mess.

"I did the DVD because I'd just left 'EastEnders' and I wanted to do something to show the world I was dramatically different from this trumpet-playing Sonia they'd grown up with on TV.

"I loved the exercising, I lost all the weight, but once we'd done the DVD that was it."

Natalie was the 11th person to be voted off 'Strictly Come Dancing' on November 28th.

Source - Virgin Media


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