A new Mitchell to arrive in Walford

Just as Roxy and Ronnie are laying the ghost of Archie to rest, another one is set to shock them when he turns up at the end of January. It's the brother they never knew existed, Danny Mitchell.

Danny is set to cause a stir when he arrives on the day of Archie's funeral amidst a huge row. Roxy bluntly snaps that they have just buried their father only to be stunned by his response: "I think you might have buried mine too!"

The revelation stops the warring sisters in their tracks, as they've never known about their younger brother. Their mum, Glenda, packed her bags and left her daughters and husband, Archie, when she discovered she was pregnant. Not wanting her manipulative husband to control another of her children, she left for the sake of her unborn son.

The youngest Mitchell sibling is sure to set hearts racing on the Square, as this loveable rogue has bucketfuls of charm. But is Danny all he seems on the surface, or does the latest Mitchell have an ulterior motive for turning up in Walford?

Liam Bergin, who plays Danny says: "The first time I walked into Albert Square and saw the Queen Vic was a very special moment and I'll have that memory forever. All of my onscreen family have made me feel very welcome from the first moment that I met them and I am enjoying every minute working here."


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