Novice rider Marc Elliot

Marc Elliot only had three lessons when he had to learn to ride a horse in 'EastEnders'.

The actor who plays sexually confused Syed Masood in the BBC soap had to get on the animal for his character's Muslim wedding but wishes he'd had more time to master the skill.

He told website DigitalSpy: "I only had three lessons! The director will have done an amazing job making it look like I'm proficient! The horse did get a little spooked by banners and confetti, so I was going sideways for a large portion of the procession! I haven't ridden a horse since. It's a good skill to put on my CV, though."

Although Syed is set to marry his fiancee Amira Shah, his gay affair with Christian Clarke is exposed on his wedding day after his mother Zainab finds out.

However, she encourages him to go ahead with the nuptials as she doesn't want to lose face by her eldest son calling his wedding off.

Source - Virgin Media


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