Patsy Palmer prefers 'EastEnders' arguments

Patsy Palmer prefers it when her 'EastEnders' character, Bianca, is arguing with on/off lover Ricky.

The actress said she prefers the chemistry between the couple who were previously married, and, it has been revealed, are set to tie the knot again next year when they're bickering, rather than getting along.

Jokingly suggesting she could have an affair with Walford wimp Billy Mitchell, she said: "I actually prefer it when Ricky and Bianca aren't together. Perhaps Bianca and Billy could have a little fling! She likes the down to earth types, but she'd end up getting bored of him pretty quickly."

Despite Patsy's feeling, the reconciliation between the two characters who have two children together, and raise two more - edges closer on Christmas day when Bianca makes a shock proposal.

Patsy, explained: "Bianca's been wanting to tell him for so long, as all the Christmas madness is going on, she feels the time is right and just blurts it out.

"Ricky looks shocked but typically for them, they're interrupted by someone. Bianca thinks she may just have missed her chance."

The couple are finally set to wed for the second time during the shows 25th anniversary celebrations next February.

Source - Virgin Media


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