Patsy's reunion wish

Bianca Jackson's wedding day is already full of strife as her mum Carol returns and the pair have a fight, but Patsy Palmer is asking for even more trouble.

The EastEnders actress who plays the feisty redhead, due to remarry Ricky in the New Year - has confessed she'd love Michael French to return to the soap as her bad dad David Wicks.

Patsy told Inside Soap magazine: "I'd love David back - Michael is great."

She added: "I also want to see Bianca's ex Dan Sullivan, return. But I'm a bit selfish the only stories I can think of for them are about me!"

It was Bianca's affair with Dan played by Craig Fairbrass that led to her falling out with her mum.

Patsy and Lindsey Coulson, who plays Carol, have already been pictured on set filming a fight scene on Bianca's wedding day.

But the actress said: "I never get bored of playing really happy stuff. The Jacksons are an amazing family and I love what the writers come up with for us. I hope they'll continue to get stronger and have a great 2010."

Source - Holy Soap


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