Preeya: Larry's gorgeous

Evil Archie Mitchell isn't the obvious choice for a Walford crush, but co-star Preeya Kalidas reckons otherwise.

The actress, who plays Amira Shah in the BBC soap, even described Larry Lamb, who plays the villain, as "gorgeous".

"He's so gorgeous - but also a really nice man, really funny," she told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

The 29-year-old star is understandably upset that the 62-year-old - whose character Archie will be killed off on Christmas Day will be leaving Walford.

"I was really upset he was leaving because he's such a great part of the cast and I think Barbara Windsor and him make a good match," Preeya said.

"I did chat to him and he's really sad to leave, but he does have some really exciting projects coming up as well."

Source - Holy Soap


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