Tough times for Bianca Jackson

Patsy Palmer's alter ego faces a "traumatic" time on EastEnders.

The 37-year-old actress who plays Bianca Jackson in the BBC soap returned to the show 18 months ago after she first left in 1999, and said things couldn't get any worse for the fiery mum-of-four.

Bianca struggles to support her step-daughter Whitney played by Shona McGarty as she faces her abuser in court, Tony King, who also happens to be Bianca's former fiance.

Patsy said: "A different side of Bianca comes through with the court case. She really wants to be a good mum and help Whitney through it.

"She knows how traumatic it's going to be for the poor girl, so another part of her just kicks in - which is unusual for Bianca, because she's usually very self-centred!"

Patsy who has faith in her character's ability to keep it together said a different side of her alter-ego shines through in the coming weeks.

She told Inside Soap magazine: "Bianca feels really guilty for bringing Tony into their home in the first place, but she's putting her own feelings aside for Whitney's sake.

"Bianca has to try to convince Whitney that it's ok to feel all of these things, but at the same time, help her to understand what actually happened, that Tony has committed a terrible crime."

Source - Virgin Media


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