The truth will out for Syed

Syed and Christian's secret can go with them to their graves, can't it?

Not so, the eldest Masood son is due to face the music on the biggest day of his life.

Matriarch Zainab finds out about the affair hours before Syed is due to tie the knot with Amira Shah and, unsurprisingly, she's not happy.

Zainab will see Syed and Christian talking, and assume the openly gay man has propositioned her son.

But when she confronts Christian for harassing her golden boy, Christian stuns her with the revelation that Syed is gay!

Marc Elliott told Inside Soap magazine: "Christian calls Syed and reveals that he's told Zainab everything.

"So when she catches up with Syed, he's forced to admit everything Christian said is true. She can see it all in Syed's eyes - it's a massive shock for her."

But despite her shock, she tries to convince her son to press on with the marriage regardless.

Will Christian be able to stop the love of his life going ahead with the ceremony?

See the dramatic events unfold on New Year's Day.

Source - Holy Soap


Jess said…
Soo excited about this storyline Argh!!!!
1 more week to go haha.
Just hopee Christian does stop the wedding and neither Marc or John leave Eastenders :(
Chryed lolz it carnt just end!!! Xxxx

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