Vixen Janine straddles

Conniving Janine straddles Archie after he tells her he's put her in his will.

Archie proposes to her next week but the minx isn't sure whether to trust his motives.

But she has a change of heart and puts her engagement ring straight back on when the evil schemer tells her she's in line for his cash.

The pair have been plotting to get their hands on the Queen Vic for some time and Archie decides tying the knot with Janine will round up their plans perfectly.

But Bily sees everything when he accidentally walks in on their steamy session.

Hiding behind the door, he is in disbelief when he overhears the duo's intentions to take the Vic from Peggy and Phil.

But will he say anything?

Watch the drama unfold in EastEnders on Monday 14 December on BBC1.

Source - The Sun


Anonymous said…
I think it is going to be an amazing episode! I'm really happy that Charlie Brooks is back in Eastenders, she is an amazing actress and Janine is a brilliant character. I found some more images of the episode here:

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