You saucy Mayor!

Writers on EastEnders had to re-jig the script to tone down the sexual chemistry when London Mayor Boris Johnson met saucy Peggy Mitchell in the Queen Vic.

An early script had pub guv'nor Peggy, played by veteran Babs Windsor, claiming she fancied twice-wed BoJo and making saucy remarks to bar pals.

But this later got watered down to her saying that her hair colour matched that of fellow blondie Boris. Boris had a cameo on the BBC soap in September, when he played himself and chatted to Peggy in the Walford Square pub.

And in the original script Peggy had her leg pulled about flirting with Eton-educated Boris, that she could become the Square's next Mrs Johnson.

Peggy replied by saying she would happily get involved with Boris, saying: "You think you're joking. But if I was 15 years younger... "

Peggy then whispered her sexy thoughts on Boris into niece Roxy Mitchell's and she was left open-jawed.

Boris has four kids with his second wife, barrister Marina Wheeler, and was fired from the Tory front bench five years ago over claims he lied about allegations he had a four-year extramarital affair with Petronella Wyatt.

Source - news of the world


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