Adam Croasdell wants to be corrupted

Adam Croasdell wants to see Roxy Mitchell "corrupt" his 'EastEnders' character Dr Al Jenkins.

The hunky actor said he enjoys his romance with Roxy Mitchell on the soap and would like to see them take it further.

He said: "Al's a bit posh and Roxy is full of fire so, so it's a good idea for them to be together.

"Rita is a great actress, and I really enjoy working with her. I'd like to see Roxy and Al make it. It'd be interesting to see her corrupt him."

Dr Al is known for being a bit of a lothario in 'EastEnders' , and outside of the soap Adam has also found himself to popular with the ladies, receiving bags of fan mail.

He added: "I get a lot of fan mail from the ladies - thanks very much. I try to get to work a bit earlier in the morning to answer as many letters as I can.

"It's all been very nice. I've had people sending my photographs of themselves and little cards and gifts. It's such an honour to have that kind of effect on viewers."

Source - Virgin Media


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