Amira turns love cheat!

So far, Syed Masood's been the one to do all the cheating in his relationship with Amira.

But the tables are to be turned, if reports are to be believed.

According to the Daily Star, newlywed Amira Masood will share a passionate kiss with new Walford hunk Danny Mitchell, the brother of Ronnie and Roxy.

The pair will kiss in the less than classy surrounds of an alleyway behind the Queen Vic.

Although Danny, played by Liam Bergin, will want to take things further will reportedly be wracked with guilt over her infidelity and wonder whether she should tell her new husband, whom she wed on New Year's Day in a lavish ceremony.

Unbeknown to Amira, however, Syed has hardly been the picture of fidelity himself, what with his carrying on with openly gay Christian Clarke.

He went ahead with his wedding despite admitting the truth about his sexuality to his mum Zainab.

An EastEnders spokeswoman declined to comment on the reports, but it sounds as if married life is going to be far from plain sailing for the newlyweds.

Source - Holy Soap


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