Bradley Branning hides the truth

Bradley Branning is desperate to hide the truth about the father of his girlfriend's unborn baby in 'EastEnders'.

Following the Christmas revelation that murdered bad boy Archie Mitchell raped Stacey Slater and is the actual father of her unborn baby, Bradley has vowed to stand by her but they have a hard task convincing their families the baby is his.

Charlie Celements, who plays Bradley, said: "Of course there were doubts when he was told the baby is Archie's but he wants to be a proper dad to show that he's different to his own father, Max."

He also has another reason for keeping the real father's identity under wraps though, as he wants to avoid being implicated in the ongoing police investigation into Archie's death.

Charlie added: "He needs to keep the truth about the baby's biological father secret, because it gives him a motive for Archie's murder."

Although Charlie doesn't reckon his character would be capable of murder, he confesses the mystery killer of Archie is still unknown to the cast.

He said: "I don't think Bradley did it. None of us knows who the killer is. It's one of the biggest secrets in the show's history. I've got my suspicions who it might be, but I'm saying nothing."

Archie's killer will be revealed in a special live edition of the show, to be broadcast on February 19.

Source - Virgin Media


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