'Enigma' Daniel Mitchell

Liam Bergin wants his 'EastEnders' character to be an "enigma".

The soap newcomer said he's still exploring the different sides to hunky Daniel, villain Archie Mitchell's secret son - and can't tell if he will be following in his father's devious footsteps.

Liam said: "I've only been filming three weeks, and so far, there's really nothing to suggest if Danny's going to be a goody or a baddy.

"But that's great for me. I don't want viewers to find out too much too quickly. You'll want to find out more, but I think he'll be a bit of an enigma."

Daniel makes his entrance in the soap after the funeral of Archie who was murdered on Christmas Day, mush to the shock of his sisters Ronnie and Roxy.

While some of his new family are welcoming to him, Daniel remains coy and is eager to spend his time getting to know his newfound family.

He added: "Roxy welcomes Daniel very quickly, which he's pleased about, but he tries not to get too carried away, because he wants a chance to bond with Ronnie as well. She's less instinctive than her sister and more wary."

Phil Mitchell doesn't take the news so well however and gives him a frightening grilling to find out if he is genuine or not. Liam said this was a daunting experience.

He added: "Having Phil Mitchell confront me was absolutely terrifying. I felt like such an impostor! It was a really intense new boy moment for me and I was more than a bit scared."

Source - Virgin Media


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