Ex-EastEnders DVD rivalry

They resided in Albert Square at the same time, but that doesn't mean Hannah Waterman and Jessie Wallace have bonded over their weight-loss regimes.

In fact, Hannah had admitted she sees her former co-star as "direct competition".

Hannah's Body Blitz DVD is in the shops at the same time as Jessie's Look At Me Now.

Asked if the pair had swapped tips, Hannah said: " "She's direct competition, of course not! We haven't been swapping tips - but of course she's done very well."

Jessie last played Kat Slater in 2005, while Hannah left her role as Laura Beale in 2004.

They're not the only former Walford stars to have trimmed down.

Hannah's hubby Ricky Groves (Garry Hobbs) is also a shadow of his former self thanks to his training for Strictly Come Dancing last year.

The actress said: "I think he's put on a little bit but he's still much slimmer than he was."

She added: "Sadly it's generally known that it's much easier for men. They give up the beer for a few days and lose a stone. Women have a harder time of it."

Source - Holy Soap


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