Janine Butcher wills to be in will

Janine Butcher believes she is in Archie Mitchell's will.

The 'EastEnders' character truly believes her ex-fiance changed his will to include her before he was brutally murdered on Christmas Day despite the fact he threw her out of their home.

Charlie Brooks, who plays Janine, said: "She believed him when he said he'd changed his will. Yes, he kicked her out of The Queen Vic and said he had used her but deep down she thought he had feelings for her."

Charlie added that her character will feel "utterly humiliated" if it turns out she is denied a share of Archie's fortune, and added she doesn't think Janine, motivated by revenge, is his killer.

The police also don't think so, and believe her alibi. However, after Janine lets on she slept with married man Ian Beale and can prove it with a sex tape - he is the one arrested for the murder.

Charlie explains how Janine blackmails Ian, who believes he has destroyed the evidence of the after stealing Archie's laptop.

She said: "She wants £10,000 to keep quiet. He gives her £500 and when she taunts him he lashes out and cuts her lip. Then he tells her she has no proof as the laptop is at the bottom of the canal.

"But she has a copy of the sex tape and gives it to police. She tells them Ian attacked her when she found out about it and says he threw the laptop in the canal.

"They arrest Ian and he says it's all lies... Until they produce the laptop."

Ian ends up charged with Archie's murder over the incident, but whether he really is the killer is yet to be seen.


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