Janine wants the Vic

Will Janine's scheming make her the Queen of the Vic?

Charlie Brooks certainly hopes so, the 28-year-old actress thinks Janine could follow in the footsteps of dad Frank and take up residence as the landlady of Walford's famous boozer.

"I think Janine would be amazing behind the bar, and would give the Mitchells a run for their money," she told Inside Soap.

"I'm sure she'd make a few changes that would annoy the regulars! Her happiest memories are of being in the pub with her dad, Frank, as the landlord, and she'd do anything to install herself there. She needs to be back in Frank's old shoes."

With the reading of Archie's will fast approaching, Janine will have her fingers crossed that her ex-fiance didn't forget about her.

Source - Holy Soap


Tony said…
I think Charlie Brooks is the best actress in this show. Her manner, her facial expressions blow everybody else out the water.

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