More episodes for E20?

Will online spin off EastEnders: E20 prove as enduring as its parent show?

EastEnders producer Diederick Santer certainly hopes so - he's said he's hopeful there will be more episodes in the future.

Speaking on This Morning, he said: "It's going really well, it started last week - we're hoping to do more, and its just a different angle of Walford and it features a different set of characters for young audience."

He also hinted there could be a future for Albert Square's star-crossed lovers Ronnie and Jack.

"I think they're gorgeous together and they just don't know it," he said.

"They've both got so much baggage, and Ronnie particularly, all those issues with her dad and her daughter, I think if she could get past those issues and recognise that and recognise the love of a good man... they'll be fine."

Source - Holy Soap


Anonymous said…
Hiya Lily,

Just stumbled across your blog whilst googling E20 for a new post. I own a blog called Smitten by Britain and I'm a massive EE fan. I post about the show from time to time. Would you fancy exchanging blog links? I could include you on my Telly page. You can find me at

cameronkid7 said…
want more episodes like mad. Zza Zza is well fit.

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