Preeya Kalidas quits soap for pop career

EastEnders star Preeya Kalidas has dramatically quit the show after starring in one of its most explosive storylines ever.

The 28-year-old actress, who plays new bride Amira Masood, plans to launch a pop career when she leaves the BBC soap in the summer.

Preeya's character Amira has just wed Syed in a traditional Muslim ceremony after Syed's gay fling with Christian Clarke.

Show bosses are now deciding whether Amira leaves in another sensational storyline, after discovering her husband's secret.

Last night a spokesman for the actress, who joined EastEnders in 2008, said: "The BBC and Preeya agreed to extend her contract for a short period because of her prominent storyline."

"She is at present recording her first record due to be released in the summer."

Source - The Mirror


Carla said…
Oh goody! PLEASE don't let Syed go with her!!!!
Anonymous said…
Its a shame that her role will end suddenly. I was hoping that the BBC would use her role to highlight the pain and damage that comes with being married to a closeted gay person. Very few of us get to 'dramatically quit' this sort of relationship in the way that has been suggested.
McAssist said…
Well, who can blame her? As the ex wife of a closeted gay man, I sure wish I could have just "quit". Dragged on for years of marriage, and a dramatic (what, you thought this could be quiet?) divorce. If she's going to exit, hopefully there will be some scenes of her making the discovery and having her life up ended - maybe going to family or getting distance. Not just get in a taxi and go.

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