Rita Simons misses Larry

Rita Simons misses Larry Lamb on the set of 'EastEnders'.

Since Larry's Character, Archie Mitchell, was killed off from the BBC soap on Christmas day, Rita who played his daughter Roxy Mitchell said she has really felt the his absence when filming.

She said: "When we were filming his death scenes it was hard. It's horrible losing someone you are close to. It seems weird that he's not around.

"He would hate me to say this, but he was a real father figure. He was a great advice giver on life in general."

Rita added that Larry wouldn't be impressed with her saying he was a "father figure" to her, because he doesn't like to see himself as old.

She explained: "Because he's young at heart, he wouldn't want to be seen as your dad, he'd want to be your boyfriend."

Archie Mitchell's killer has yet to be revealed in the soap, and even the cast of the show don't know who is the murderer, but Rita is fairly sure it's not her.

She said: "I think Roxy isn't really in the frame. Although she's seen Archie's true colours come out, I doubt she'd go as far as to kill him."

Source - Virgin Media


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