Roxy and Ronnie's funeral fallout

Temperatures will run high between 'EastEnders' Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell at the funeral of their father.

The soap sisters have differing attitudes to the funeral of murdered soap fiend Archie, with Roxy taking the organisation of it into her own hands, while Ronnie keeps her distance, and refuses to even sit with the vicar to plan the service.

Rita explained: "In fairness to Ronnie, she's not up for being two-faced when everyone knows how much she hated Archie. Roxy really needs support though."

Roxy is also initially upset with the revelation Archie had terminal cancer, but had shared the news with estranged wife Peggy rather than her - and bans her stepmother from the funeral. However, the former landlady is the person who provides the most comfort to her.

Rita continued: "In the end its Peggy who's by her side when things get too much. That's a relief to the rest of the family, as no one wants to see the pair of them screaming at each other over the coffin."

After the turbulent service - where Peggy has to read Roxy's eulogy, after she is too grief stricken and Ronnie refuses to step in for her - the sisters fall out at the wake, although the biggest shock of the day comes when a stranger introduces himself as their brother.

Rita explained: "Roxy kicks off because Ronnie is all smiles at the wake, and it upsets her. They have this massive barney - then out of nowhere, this lad rocks up and introduces himself as their brother, Danny.

"So now Roxy's got her head around a whole new set of family problems. It's going to be interesting to see how she copes with everything."

Source - Virgin Media


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