Bradley's shock EastEnders exit

In one of EastEnders most tragic goodbyes ever, Bradley is set to jump off a building in a shocking suicide bid when he becomes a suspect in the Archie Mitchell murder investigation.

A show source told The Sun: "They have pulled out all the stops and it's a real tear-jerker. By killing a main character with a sympathetic suicide, the writers are breaking one of the last taboos.

"There have been a few soap suicides of minor characters over the years but never of someone so central and so well-loved by viewers."

Bradley's funeral has already been filmed. Heart-breaking scenes will see wife Stacey become so distressed she has to leave halfway through the service.

Whether or not Bradley is guilty won't be revealed until the show's live episode, to be broadcast on Fri 19 Feb.

Source - Sky TV


Anonymous said…
I have a hard time believing this storyline. It just doesn't seem to fit Bradders personality, but I guess that is what will make it so shocking. Why can't they let people be happy for a while?

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