Anita 'pleased by soap death'

It was a sad day when the legendary Angie Watts shuffled off this mortal coil - even if she hadn't been seen on-screen for 14 years.

But her alter ego Anita Dobson shed no tears over the death.

Anita, who played the original queen of the Vic until 1988, was pleased when she got the call to say Angie was to meet her maker.

She told the Radio Times: "When my agent rang me and told me that they were going to kill her off I said, 'Good'. It was time. They had asked me so many times if I'd go back and I'd always said 'Never say never' but realistically it was never going to happen."

Anita recalled how she tried to hand in her resignation, but the show's co-creator Julia Smith just stuffed it in a drawer and refused to accept it.

"She asked me, 'What makes you think you can be more famous than the series?' I explained that wasn't it. The series made me, but I just felt I wanted to do other things."

Anita wanted to stay one more year, but agreed to do another two.

"Maybe if they'd said, 'Go off, do a couple of plays and come back,' I would have done that, but it was never an option'," she said.

Source - Holy Soap


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