Archie Mitchell killed by woman?

Larry Lamb thinks a woman will be unveiled as his murderer in 'EastEnders' on Friday (19.02.10).

The actor who portrayed soap baddie Archie Mitchell in the BBC One show is convinced his on screen alter-ego was finished off by one of his female enemies and can't wait to find out during the live show later this week.

He explained: "I sort of reckon on a female, that's what I reckon. But I don't think it will be Peggy. Peggy's out soon but that's it, that's the queen there. You can't touch Peggy.

"I'd put money on a female but I have to say, I've got no idea which. Janine's got form, but I don't know."

Bosses on the show have been so secretive about the storyline, they even used a stuntman for the murder scene which saw Archie die on Christmas Day (25.12.09) after being hit over the head with the Queen Vic bust.

The 62-year-old star explained: "Archie nor the audience knows who killed him. A stuntman did it - no actor did it. It was done in such a way that Archie couldn't know who did it. He was aware something was going on and bam, that was that."

Now the special live episode - which was organised as a celebration of the soap's 25th anniversary - is just days away, Larry is convinced his former co-stars will be panicking over their scripts.

He said: "They must know already now. It will be in another zone in there now because that's the build-up. They will be working on that now, the preparation. They've got to move around that whole big studio set-up there. There will be crews and crews, working on the build-up for Friday.

"There'll be a lot of very nervous actors. I'm getting nervous just thinking about it for them!"

Source - Virgin media


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