Babs disbelief over live episode

Barbara Windsor has claimed the EastEnders cast got through the live episode last week "by the skin of our teeth".

The 72-year-old actress known for playing battle axe Peggy Mitchell in the soap was speaking at the premiere of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, and claimed voicing The Dormouse was much easier than the live episode of the soap.

Barbara laughed: "Well, don't talk to me about that, I'm still... I can't believe it that we did it, well by the skin of our teeth - but it was good to get under our belt."

The Dormouse is usually asleep in Lewis Caroll's book which inspired Burton's film, but Babs plays the character very differently.

She revealed: "I said, 'she's normally so quiet,' but he said 'no, I want her a little bit fiesty,' so that's what I gave him."

Barbara told how she was looking forward to seeing herself represented in the film, and all the other magical characters too.

She said: "I'm a great friend of Matt Lucas (who plays Tweedledum and Tweedledee)."

Alice In Wonderland is released in cinemas in 3-D on March 5.

Source - MSN


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