Brooks 'slightly terrified' of live show

EastEnders star Charlie Brooks is "slightly terrified" of tonight's live show, but knows that her co-stars will come to her aid if anything goes wrong.

Speaking on The Tubridy Show, Ms Brooks, who plays Janine Butcher, said: "I'm slightly terrified at the live factor, but we're all going to be there to bail each other out if it all goes horrendously wrong."

Tonight, the identity of the killer of Archie Mitchell will be revealed in a live episode of EastEnders, marking the 25th anniversary of the soap.

When asked about who the killer is, Ms Brooks said: "We all still don't know who killed Archie. We've all been sitting around asking 'did you do it?'. We've been rehearsing ten different endings every day."

Ms Brooks revealed how happy she was after returning to life in the soap.

"I feel really blessed to be there at the moment, mainly because of the cast."

Source - RTE


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