Danniella Westbrook bored of addiction

Danniella Westbrook is sick of her troubled past haunting her.

The EastEnders actress who had to have reconstructive surgery on her nose after her septum rotted away because of her excessive cocaine use wants to finally move on from her addiction struggles and stop being quizzed about her old life.

She explained: "I get sick of it because it'll be nine years next month when I gave up drink and drugs. It is a huge part of my life and it did happen to me. I just don't always like to bang on about it in interviews as I think people are sick of it:

"You have to move on but you can never forget because that makes you who you are."

However, Danniella who is married to millionaire London businessman, Kevin Jenkins, the man she claims saved her life is concerned their children, Kai, 13 and Jody, eight, may turn to drugs like she did.

She told Star magazine: "I do worry, drug and alcohol addiction is a disease of the brain and it's hereditary. But my kids lead a very different life to me when I was their age.''

Source - Virgin Media


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