Dean's Gaff is Neighbours mad

We knew Lily Allen and Prince William were Neighbours fans.

Now another famous name has revealed he's an aficionado of the Aussie soap EastEnders star Dean Gaffney.

The actor, who can be seen back in Albert Square this week as Robbie Jackson, can't wait to take part in the stage show of Calendar Girls, where he'll be working alongside side Ramsay Street legend Anne Charleston, who's best known as Madge Bishop.

Dean said: "I'm a massive Neighbours fan. I've watched it from when I was a child. Literally, I'm hooked on Neighbours. It's really quite sad actually. I just love the show and I worked with Harold Bishop years ago doing pantomime. Now I'm going to be working with Anne, so I'll have worked with the two greats from that show. I'm really excited."

Dean said he's been watching the show "since day one".

"My partner and I are the same. I record it when she's at work. Our Sky planner is literally Neighbours, Neighbours, Neighbours," he said.

He admitted Karl is one of his favourite Erinsborough residents because "he's very charismatic" and he's also pleased to see Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson) back in the show.

When Calendar Girls is out of the way, perhaps Dean could make a cameo in Ramsay Street?

Source - Holy Soap


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