EastEnders barmaid happy with silence

EastEnders Jane Slaughter, who plays largely silent barmaid Tracy, thinks it wouldn't make sense for her to have a bigger part.

The actress has been playing the recurring background role in the Queen Vic since its first episode on February 19, 1985.

She told the TV Times: "I like to act, but I don't think Tracy could do an incredible amount more than she does."

She went on: "I find it hard to imagine it making much sense if she was jabbering away every episode."

Asked if she had ever considered spreading her wings, Jane said: "No. EastEnders has changed over the years, so I don't get bored. And I'm very aware of how fortunate I am to have been there that long."

Tracy had a moment in the spotlight recently when she was sacked from the Queen Vic and threatened to take new landlady Roxy Mitchell to a tribunal.

She was reinstated after coming up trumps in auditions for a new barmaid.

Source - MSN


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