EastEnders Billie: I get to talk now

EastEnders actor Devon Anderson says he loves being back in the show, particularly as he gets to talk now.

The 22-year-old has returned to the soap to play Billie Jackson, 13 years after he was last in it.

Speaking at an exhibition celebrating 25 years of the soap, he said: "It's brilliant coming back - it's like coming back home, and I get to talk now."

He said he rarely spoke on-screen the first time around until his final big storyline, which saw him get kidnapped after witnessing a robbery at a building society.

Devon's return to the soap is followed by the rest of the Jackson clan.

He and his screen mum Lindsey Coulson (Carol Jackson) are still filming the show, while Natalie Cassidy (Sonia Fowler) and Dean Gaffney (Robbie Jackson) have completed their stints.

Asked if he would have liked the whole family to stick around, he said: "Of course. We all just gel."

Source - MSN


Anonymous said…
eastenders is boring

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