EastEnders bosses reveal killer clues

EastEnders bosses have revealed the three clues that pointed to Stacey Branning as Archie Mitchell's killer.

Stacey, played by Lacey Turner, confessed to the murder at the end of Friday's live episode, putting an end to the guessing game that has gripped fans for weeks.

Soap bosses said Stacey's guilt was hinted at three times in recent months during the show's Christmas trailer, during Archie's funeral and during the Christmas Day episode of the soap when the tyrant met a grisly end in the Queen Vic.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted that Stacey was the first character to feature in the Christmas trailer.

In the Christmas Day episode, she had an unexplained disappearance and also reacted with horror when Roxy Mitchell handed her baby over to her.

And, during the funeral, Stacey was the only person angry enough to spit on evil Archie's grave.

Many characters had a reason to hate Archie, but Stacey particularly despised him as he raped her while she was struggling with bipolar disorder.

Source - MSN


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