EastEnders star looking forward to live show

'EastEnders' star Laurie Brett has said that she is excited about filming the live episode of the show this week.

According to the Daily Record, the actress, who plays Jane Beale in the show, said: "It is going to be great and I am desperate to find out who the murderer is."

"I might even have to record it just so I can watch it properly later."

"If it does end up being Ian, I think Jane will faint because the way things stand at the moment she thinks she knows Ian pretty well and, while she knows he is capable of some pretty rubbish things, she doesn't think he is capable of murder."

"You never know though, it might even end up being Jane."

Speaking about preparations for the live show, she said: "There is a buzz about the set at the moment."

"Everyone seems quite up for it even though it will be quite a challenge. I even have a little moment to myself during the live episode which is going to be really exciting."

"It is just great to be part of it all. I am not nervous as yet but I am sure that will kick in on the night, probably when we are being counted in. That's the point I am sure everyone will start to panic, but that's showbusiness."

Source - RTE


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