EastEnders whodunnit breaks betting records

The live episode of EastEnders in which Archie Mitchell's killer was revealed has broken bookies' records for TV betting, according to the papers.

The Sun reports that Ladbrokes had its busiest ever 24 hours for money staked on a TV show although Stacey Branning, who was revealed on Friday's dramatic edition to be the culprit, had been an outsider at the bookies with odds of 8-1.

Sean Slater, her onscreen brother who has not been seen in the show since January 2009 had been the favourite, followed by Stacey's friend Becca Swanson and Danielle's father Joel Reynolds.

"The country went into meltdown," said Ladbrokes spokesman David Williams. "All our records were smashed, with every punter in the UK betting on the Archie storyline.

"Very few people cottoned on to Stacey as the killer. We feel we've got away with murder."

Even actor Larry Lamb who played Archie Mitchell admitted he was surprised by the killer's identity.

Speaking on EastEnders Live: The Aftermath, which screened on BBC Three immediately after the episode aired, he said, "I thought it was Ronnie."

And the star - who was interviewed on the show by his real-life son, TV presenter George Lamb, added, "It was heart attack stuff just watching it. I'd have called in sick. They did brilliantly."

Source - Whats on tv


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