Fans spot a Square few errors

Let's be honest. Half the fun of the live episode of EastEnders was trying to spot the bits where things went wrong.

And although cast and crew put in a sterling effort, there was the odd howler during Friday's 25th anniversary broadcast.

In his opening scene, Scott Maslen, who plays Jack Branning, stumbled over his lines, but was acting like a pro when he got warmed up.

Bradley Branning moved his hand a fraction when he was lying, supposedly dead, on the ground after his dramatic fall from the Queen Vic.

Peggy Mitchell called Janine Butcher "June" during a rant, and Dot Branning (June Brown) also appeared to forget granddaughter Dotty's name.

Viewers saw grief-stricken Max Branning trying to make himself sick, and Ronnie Mitchell (Sam Womack) walked out of the Mini Mart without paying for her paint stripper.

Ian Beale apparently told Phil to "slop it" instead of "stop it", and even Stacey Branning was thought to have called out actor Charlie's real name instead of "Bradley" as he died.

An insider told the Daily Star: "It was a live show and that always increased the pressure. It was clear that a few cracked slightly under the spotlight.

"But, overall, everybody was very proud with the way the show went, even if there were a few bloopers."

Speaking after the broadcast, executive producer Diederick Santer said: "I spotted a few wobbles but what I was proudest of was the recovery."

Source - Holy Soap


Anonymous said…
I thought they did brilliantly and frankly the first time around I didn't notice a thing except for Jake Wood sticking his fingers in his mouth.

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